When I Used to Take Days Off

All I would do is sleep in late and make myself breakfast at noon.

Yesterday, after booking the day off in my work calendar two months ago, I:

  • Woke up early to go to an OB-GYN appointment.

  • While I was waiting in the lobby and in the stirrups, I texted friends to confirm plans for today and answered work emails.

  • Walked to the salad place by my parents’ house and got a salad.

  • While waiting for the person to make the salad, I went to the wine store next door to buy cider that my mom likes.

  • Picked up the finished salad and walked to my parents’ house. They weren’t home so I ate the salad alone while watching Queer Eye and drinking orange Lacroix.

  • Went to a hair appointment.

  • Went to the acupuncturist where I was assessed and promptly fell asleep on the table.

  • Woke up, stretched and walked to Whole Foods to buy almond milk, parmesan cheese and garlic.

  • Walked back to the place I’m housesitting and watered the plants.

  • Called and comforted a friend who accidentally got a woman pregnant.

  • Invited him over and comforted him more. Helped him draft texts to his pregnant friend asking to meet him. Offered him water repeatedly.

  • Did a load of laundry.

  • Made myself dinner.

  • Went to my sister’s house to pick up a wagon.

  • Picked up my sister’s Spanish friends and their three boys (one sat in the wagon) at 11 from the train station after they had a full day of travel delays on their way to Prince Edward Island.

  • Dropped them off at my sister’s place, showed them how to lock the door. Offered them lots of agua.

  • Got on the streetcar, walked home and fell asleep.