Welcome to the Midnight Launderette

Every night, before falling into a deep and dreamless sleep, I listen to the Midnight Launderette sleepcast under the Sleep tab of Headspace. The narrator, a chill, American sounding guy, opens with a brief description of what’s about to take place. We’re going to relax, we’re going to do some short breathing exercises, and ultimately, we’re gonna go to sleep. He also describes the people who are in the midnight launderette: Astrid, a weirdo with a long skirt who reads your star sign, a man in a uniform who may be a mechanic who is washing his uniform and his daughter’s clothes, a chill cat named Albert who lives on the dryers and an aspiring actor who comes to the launderette to get away from his huge ass family at home.

 I have listened to it all the way through a few times but only because my sleep habits are not sound. Most nights I conk out after the first few minutes. Occasionally, I will wake up and he’ll still be chatting away about what’s been happening at the midnight launderette. I love the entire mood of the place and hearing the sound of the machines in the background. Each night is slightly different than the night prior which can throw me for a loop but I’m still wholeheartedly engaged. I love the people he is describing and as a laundromat user, I feel like I could be there. Compared to the other sleepcasts, it just feels more authentic. I like listening to the campfire one or the one in the Indigo gallery where the man is describing all these different shades of blue. But something about the launderette feels better and easier to listen to than the others. 

I’ve strayed, once or four times, to the Loch Dormant, where a Scottish man narrates another quiet night beside a campfire. It’s calming and funny and the picture header is of an otter sleeping in a river but it never quite satisfies me like the Midnight Launderette does. What I know about myself when it comes to sleepcasts is that I prefer the Midnight Launderette’s man’s voice. I’m not 100% sure why. But I know that there are some sleepcasts that work immediately like the Launderette and others that don’t like Snowville and Slow Train.