The Most Positive Place on the Internet

Besides Queer Eye on Netflix, Genius lyrics and videos of Gerard Butler’s performance in the Phantom of the Opera (2004), my favourite place to go on the internet when I’m sad is Vogue’s YouTube channel. Specifically the series of videos where women talk about and recreate their makeup routines.

The first I had ever seen was Rihanna’s, which is great:

Then I went on a bit of a hole.

My favourites are the French women who casually apply their very minimal and natural looking makeup while drinking coffee and eating croissants. Being their hot French selves. So French:

I love the young models who know now more about skincare than I will know in my entire lifetime. Their knowledge and beauty are limitless:

The videos themselves are funny and each have at least a million views (50 of these are from me). They mostly feature models. Models always know about the best beauty products. The videos’ stars ensure that their tones are all completely different, much like their makeup routines, but the common thread between them is that they’re all gorgeous. Like hard to compute beautiful. Their beginning look before they put on cream or makeup already looks as though they’ve been sitting in a chair being done up by a professional for an hour. It’s inspirational.

The premise is simple: they speak directly into the camera which doubles as a mirror, making jokes about themselves and narrating what they’re doing to their faces. Sometimes they’re getting ready for a red carpet, sometimes they’re going out dancing with friends, sometimes they’re doing a press line. All of it is amazing and adorable. They’re so different. They’re kind of weird. Some use lip gloss as eyeshadow because it’s longer lasting and more pigmented. This is great time and money saving advice. They’re all so smart and crafty and their videos are practical and applicable and it all varies hugely by each person. A makeup routine is fascinating to watch as it feels completely unique to the individual doing themselves up.

My favourite is Halima whose jokes, sweet voice and overtly chill confidence make her compulsively watchable. I love her. The comments on her video are truly the most positive and encouraging I’ve ever read on the internet. These are the reasons why I go here for respite from my daily life.

I want to always live in a world where people are celebrating these people’s makeup routines. Something mundane and repetitive is made to feel new and relevant in each video and I am 1000% in line. Every time a new episode airs, I get excited to be educated again by Vogue and its Youtube channel.