Night Time Yoga

I like Adriene because she’s nice to me. She encourages me. She makes yoga videos for people with back pain and people who want to do month long challenges for the new year. She’s not judgmental and she’s helpful even though she can’t actually adjust your body like the teachers do in a regular yoga class.

I think I found her Youtube channel accidentally and then just watched the same two videos repeatedly. One in the morning and one at night. Her house looks well organized and clean but also lived in and like she enjoys working out of it. Her videos are free and she must sell something or be sponsored but I never feel too full of her or bombarded by her presence. Sometimes I’ll just watch her videos instead of going through the actual yoga poses with her.

She sometimes tries to joke, which I can appreciate, because the attempt is there but I really just enjoy her voice and her tips and her encouragement. She just seems glad that you’re trying. Also that Radarte shirt is great.