No Frills

The No Frills by my house is a couple of minutes away. I go there on my way home from work or on Saturday mornings or Sunday nights. It's close enough to make a couple of stops in a day if I'm lucky. It's staffed with middle aged ladies and teenagers and there's usually a security guard and some kids selling chocolates by the main entrance. From the street, it's not that clear how to get in but once you know to walk through this narrow alleyway, you're indoctrinated into the No Frills fan club. Every person who has been in there agrees that it's the best No Frills in the city. Maybe even the best grocery store. When I tell other people where I live, a lot of them ask "near the No Frills?" and we bond over our mutual love for it. They're jealous and I like that. When in other stores, I scoff at how expensive everything is in comparison. I've saved so much money just by being too lazy to go anywhere else.

I love how completely bored and content everyone seems to be when they're working. I love how there's a lady who always stacks your items perfectly so they're really easy to put in bags. I haven't gotten their points card yet but it's only a matter of time before I cave and they turn my Optimum card into a PC points/Optimum card. I like how much space there is and how they add more products but it only seems to get bigger to accommodate. The route I take changes constantly depending on where they've moved the aisles. Every trip feels different and exactly the same.

They manage to have almost everything you need to make dinner and then some added random cooking containers and butcher cuts. Like, they have stewing beef but don't have lamb chops. As it grows and they redesign the aisles to include more organic food and sugar free cookies, I worry about it losing its specialness. Having lived here for three years, this No Frills is one of the only businesses I don't get cynical about anymore. They don't run out of produce anymore. This No Frills is like a second home to me.