6:30am: Wake up after getting a perfect amount of sleep. Depending on what article you’ve read, this is either 8-10 hours, 7-9 hours, or more recently due to overextending people beyond belief, 6-8 hours.

6:30am-6:50am: Meditate. Because you’re self-actualized like that.

6:50am-7:10am: Make breakfast and coffee for yourself. Also do 100 sit ups. And make your bed you piece of shit.

7:10am-7:15am: Clean up any and all mess you’ve made making breakfast. Also clean your bathroom because you have to do that once a week.

7:15am-7:30am: You’re supposed to be at work at 8 so brush your teeth, put on makeup, do your hair and choose an appropriate outfit for work and put on all your outdoor gear in time to jog lightly to the bus stop where you timed your arrival perfectly for the arrival of the bus. Find a seat in the back and listen to a podcast on Finance while reading a book for your book club.

7:30am-8am: Be on time for work.

8am-12:30pm: Work while updating the group chat with pics, maintaining your personal admin like updating your calendar for the week and grocery shopping lists.

12:30pm-1:30pm: Get lunch with your coworkers at the mall. Also go shopping.

1:30pm-5pm: Work still.

5pm-6pm: More sitting on the bus but occasionally stopping and getting off to pick up wine for your friend’s dinner and any other miscellaneous gifts you forgot you needed for this week.

6pm: Get home. Do anything you like but also finish homework, clean up more, purge your wardrobe, pick up dry cleaning, go grocery shopping, work out with your trainer, take a shower, change your sheets, do laundry and talk to your parents on the phone.

6:30pm-6:50pm: Journal about your day. Also your dreams, what you’re grateful for, your goals for the next day, week, month, year, your strengths and weaknesses, habits you want to break and your feelings if there’s time.

6:50pm-7:00pm: Do a nighttime routine which includes lighting candles, cleaning, toning, moisturizing and applying serums to your face and hair. Then to your body. This is really time for yourself, time to just chill.

7:00pm-7:30pm: Read.

7:30pm-8:00pm: Do nighttime yoga with Adriene to wind down.

8:00pm-9:30pm: Have you eaten yet? Make yourself food, clean up after you’ve made yourself food because you don’t have a dishwasher. This recipe says it takes 30 minutes total with 10 minutes of prep work and 20 minutes of cooking but it’s been an hour and a half and there is no end in sight. Why would they lie about this? Vacuum while it cooks, also clean up as you go.

9:30pm-10pm: Work on personal projects. This is your time. If not today, then when?

10:00pm-10:05pm: Cry.

10:05pm-10:30pm: Pick an outfit out for tomorrow. Fold your laundry, watch a show, do oil pulling for twenty minutes to whiten your teeth and get ready for bed.

10:30pm-6:25am: Listen to your sleep meditation playlist. Get up a couple of times even though you’re wearing ear plugs and a sleep mask and listened to a mediation playlist before falling asleep. Have a dream about your friends from high school.